Looks like. But here you’ll find no stirring audio or impressive video. And no fancy PowerPoint. Just some points here and there that might suggest some ideas to you.

This site brings you the advantage of a long-term cross-cultural perspective. More than 30 years abroad, living, speaking, breathing the local culture. That may be its greatest claim.

Actually, the greatest claim is to be biblical, by respecting the original intent of the sacred text, and practical, touching on current needs and issues while tying in to the basic need of salvation and sanctification.

Here, preaching gains its widest and proper sense of the proclamation of the Good News, rather than what happens behind a podium on Sundays. American saints seldom get beyond their buildings or paid staff to think of the gospel in wider terms. It’s becoming the death of them. So maybe a Kenyan, Singaporean, or Brazilian might like what Sermon Lines offers.

As you can tell by this introduction, this site doesn’t represent a typical sermon site. It belongs to the little ones of God, for Monday through Saturday work, as well as Sunday. You’ll find material to use on the factory floor or in the office break room.

Rather than inventive arrangements, these outlines and seeds let the biblical text shine through. Sacred words are the best, and attention focuses on them. Meaning and application are strong here.

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Feel free to try any or all of these suggestions. It’s all free, no cost, no obligation. Except to be faithful to God who speaks and to be like him in seeking to save your neighbor and edify your brother and sister in Christ.

If you find a particular post useful or suggestive (in a good sense), please leave a comment. Tell why you found it helpful. Add your own tweaks in the comment area. And please do share posts with others.

Last, friends are welcome to share the fruit of their labors here as well. Really good friends might even find a spot for themselves here.