Ephesians 4.1-13


  1. A friend once said that in order to have unity we may have to fight a lot. By that he meant we must work hard for it.
  2. Unity comes from the cross of Christ, Eph 2.11-22.
  3. Christ blessed the peacemakers, because he was the first and greatest of them, Mt 5.9.
  4. Some movies offer a 3-D experience. Unity in Christ also comes in 3-D:


  1. Disposition for unity, 1-3.
    We don’t create unity; the Spirit does. But we must work hard and have a desire to maintain it with our attitudes and efforts.
  2. Doctrine as basis for unity, 4-6.
    These seven ones are what establish our unity. The middle element of the seven is the one Lord. All revolves around Jesus.
  3. Distribution and diversity of gifts for unity, 7-13.
    It’s wrong to speak of unity in diversity. Paul speaks of diversity (of gifts) that contribute to unity, v. 13.


  1. Let us value unity highly and seek to preserve and cherish it.
  2. Let us have the right kind of unity, based on the truths of the gospel.
  3. Let us use God’s gifts to contribute to greater unity in the congregation and in the brotherhood.
  4. Let us also use our gifts to call others outside of Christ to discover and know this unity with God and with man.