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From the Beginning

Since God is eternal without time, then what we know of time from creation to consummation is the smallest speck of dust on forever.  And yet, the humanists of our culture have cancelled creation to rid our existence of sin… Continue Reading →

Sought Him with Their Whole Desire

After the moral decline of Solomon’s reign and Reheboam’s unwise decision that split God’s people, his grandson, Asa, made a courageous move to rid Judah of its idolatry and return them to God (2 Chronicles 14).  What will God do… Continue Reading →

When in Rome, DON’T Do …

For much of our nation’s history, Christians could float with the current of culture as it was going generally in the same direction we wanted to go.  Christianity was ‘mainstream’–literally!  But, several decades ago, while complacency and compromise with things… Continue Reading →

DON’T Lean on Me, When …

For many generations, the church in the West has been able to float lazily along on an inner tube because the current of culture was flowing in roughly the same direction.  And so, we fell asleep, not realizing that in… Continue Reading →

Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals

The struggles of this year have certainly tested Christians!  Like tea bags diffusing into the water around them, are we influencing the world for the gospel?  Or are we like sponges instead, soaking up the culture we’re immersed in? I. … Continue Reading →

If you have died with Christ

By John Henson, Dibrell church, McMinnville TN Colossians 2:20-23 Then Why Are Some Worldly (verses 20-22)? Then Why Do Some Engage in Self-Made Religion (verse 23a)? Then Why Are So Many Engaged in Things That Have No Value (verse 23b)?

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