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Ask What I Shall Give You

Is it better to “grow up in the church” or to escape the world to seek truth on your own?  The first may not know the sharp edge of the world’s heartache, but often a personal faith is taken for… Continue Reading →

Bible.11: You Search the Scriptures

Can you imagine a husband checking off a marriage list at the end of the day that included items like told her I loved her, kissed her, bought flowers, warmed her car ….  The very nature of a relationship defies… Continue Reading →

Unable to Trap Him

Satan lays all kinds of traps for us, preying on our weaknesses and sinful natures.  Sometimes, he comes to us in what seems an impossible situation–like David found himself in facing Goliath!  But, the secret is to know who is… Continue Reading →

April Fools! He is Risen!

Of course the Bible tells us to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on every first day of the week, but many are looking for a particular emphasis on this topic on the cultural (and religious) holiday many call ‘Easter.’  It… Continue Reading →

Wise or Unwise?

By John Henson, McMinnville TN Proverbs 20:1-7 The intoxicated are unwise (verse 1). A provoked fool is unwise (verses 2-3). The sluggard (lazy) is unwise (verse 4). The deliberate, righteous one is wise (verses 5-7).

Mind, emotions, living

“I gain understanding from your precepts; therefore I hate every wrong path” Psalm 119.104 NIV. Love for and obedience to God’s word is the way to  A sound mind (understanding, grasping and discerning the truth), Reliable emotions (hate), Right living… Continue Reading →

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