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Work Out Your Own Salvation

After the wedding is over, who does the work in the marriage relationship?  The answer is both … if the marriage is to be successful.  So it must be when we enter into a relationship with Christ.  The Bridegroom has… Continue Reading →

What You Have Seen & Heard

Pastafarians, worshipers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, created their religion to mock Christians, declaring that there’s as much evidence for faith in the FLM as there is for our faith in God.  But that simply is not true.  There’s much… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Sins

No, not those ones! When a church member was at my house last Saturday, he remarked upon the birds gathered at the feeder in my backyard and asked if we had ever had a cardinal.  Male cardinals are a vibrant… Continue Reading →

Jesus suffered

Jesus suffered for us, the just for the injust, to bring us to God, 1 Pet 3.18. Jesus suffered for us, as an example, 1 Pet 2.21. Jesus suffered before us, in persecution, Jn 15.18. Jesus suffers with us, as… Continue Reading →

Christ’s suffering calls for the Christian to serve

By Ron Thomas, Highway congregation, Sullivan IL 1 Peter 4:1-11 The COMMANDER of our Army (4:1) The CONVICTION with which He lived and we are to Live (4:1-2) The CORRUPTION of this World (4:2-3) The CULTURAL CONFORMITY demands Separation (4:4-5)… Continue Reading →

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