Cats & Minnows, Dogs & Sows

Just before bed, I sanded the second coat of joint compound on some bedrooms now that we’re empty-nesters.  To keep dust from billowing throughout the house, I stapled a plastic sheet between the dining room and the hallway.  It also… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Sins

No, not those ones! When a church member was at my house last Saturday, he remarked upon the birds gathered at the feeder in my backyard and asked if we had ever had a cardinal.  Male cardinals are a vibrant… Continue Reading →

Israel and Judah’s Fall

They Turned Away in Apostasy: Jeremiah 8:4-5 They Turned Away from God’s Word: Jeremiah 8:9 They Turned to Greed and Gain: Jeremiah 8:10 They Turned to Deceit: Jeremiah 8:10-12 —John Henson, Dibrell Church of Christ, McMinnville, TN

The effects of sin and of holiness

Sin wastes time. Holiness redeems the time, Eph 5.7-15; 1 Pet 1.14-17; 4.1-2, 7. Sin ruins relationships. Holiness establishes loving relationships, Col 3.12-13; 1 Pet 1.22; Jude 19-21. Sin leads to a frustrated life. Holiness leads to a life of… Continue Reading →

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