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In Him is No Darkness

If asked, many would say that Lincoln is on the penny … but it is only his likeness.  Jesus states that He and His Father are one (John 10:30), but how does that oneness come about?  And how can we… Continue Reading →

Bible.12: Rightly Handling the Word of Truth

I was in sixth grade when Atari came out with the first game system.  I never owned one until my kids got a Wii.  Even now if someone hands me a controller I spaz out-of-control because I have no idea… Continue Reading →

Bible.11: You Search the Scriptures

Can you imagine a husband checking off a marriage list at the end of the day that included items like told her I loved her, kissed her, bought flowers, warmed her car ….  The very nature of a relationship defies… Continue Reading →

What can keep us from God

By John Henson, Dibrell congregation, McMinnville TN Psalm 70:5 Pride keeps us from God (Psalm 10:4; Proverbs 16:18). Possessions can keep us from God (Luke 18:18ff). Arrogance can keep us from God (James 4:13-16). What can bring us closer to… Continue Reading →

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