Psalm 119.73-80

  1. Since God created us and gave us life, we ought to seek his guidance on how to live, 73.
  2. A life which has God as its hope gives joy to many, 74.
  3. It is not because God doesn’t love us that he disciplines us, but because he does, 75.
  4. Such love of God’s┬áconsoles us in all our disappointments and frustrations, 76.
  5. Delight in God’s law opens his compassion and frees us to live, 77.
  6. The righteous does not waste time agonizing over the arrogant, but focuses on God’s precepts, 78
  7. In the midst of opposition, God’s people come together for mutual strength, 79.
  8. We pray, at last, that the heart may be wholly devoted to God’s statutes to avoid humiliation before him, 80.