Here are 12 facts or truths about Jesus Christ that you may not know, but you should know, because they are important to your future.

  1. All you can know about Jesus is in the Bible. Outside of the Bible, there are only a few references to him. Some people invent supposed facts about Jesus. Some say he went to India. Such ideas are fiction. They are lies. To know about Jesus, we have to read the Bible.
  2. Jesus is God, Jn 1.1. A popular preacher was surprised to learn, after many years, that Jesus is divine. Someone once asked that, if Jesus didn’t want to die on the cross, why didn’t God do it. In Jesus, God did do it.
  3. Jesus knew what his objective on earth would be before he was born, Lk 19.10. He came to the earth in order to die on the cross, to save the lost. He held to that focus and never once wavered from it.
  4. Nobody knows what Jesus looked like as a man. There are no descriptions of his physical appearance, no drawings of his face. It just didn’t matter. What mattered was what he taught and how he lived, Jn 12.48; 20.30-31; Acts 10.38.
  5. People wanted Jesus to be something that he wasn’t. The Jews expected a militaristic messiah who would defeat the Romans and establish a powerful kingdom like David’s. Jesus refused to be that type of king, Jn 18.33-37. He stuck to his purpose. Even today, people try to make Jesus out to be something he is not and refuses to be. Try it, and Jesus leaves, Jn 6.15.
  6. Nobody in the Bible talked about hell as much as Jesus. He talked about hell to motivate people to avoid it. He knows it is real, Mt 5.22, 29-30.
  7. Jesus thought about and prayed for people he didn’t know or meet personally — including you and me, Jn 17.20-26. He loves all mankind. He wasn’t concerned only with people around him. He didn’t care only for the people of his day. He died so that people could be saved even until the end of time, Mt 28.18-20.
  8. Jesus made prophecies. He was rightly called a prophet, though he was much more. He knew about and announced future events. One of those was the destruction of Jerusalem, Mt 24. The city was destroyed in A.D. 70.
  9. Jesus never performed a miracle for personal benefit. His miracles were works of compassion to help others. They also served to give proof to his teachings and works, Mt 9.6. He refused the temptation to turn stones into bread when he was hungry, Mt 4.3-4.
  10. Jesus shared his life with his friends, Jn 15.9-17. He delegated his work to his followers. He was not a distant teacher who was untouchable or unreachable. Jesus established the church as a family. He said God was “my Father and your Father” Jn 20.17.
  11. Jesus continues to be present in a spiritual, but real, way with his people. Jesus went back to heaven after his resurrection, but he promised to be with us. He is with us now, as long as we do his will and work, Mt 18.20; 28.20.
  12. Jesus promised to return to earth, Jn 14.1-4. At least, he promised to come back and get his people. His coming signals the final day of judgment, Mt 25, when heaven and earth will pass away, Mt 5.18; 24.35. He didn’t say he would step foot on earth, 1 Thes 4.16-17.