By J. Randal Matheny. Translated from the Portuguese, published originally on TFR.

  1. Christ established the church, Mt 16.18.
    1. “My church:” He’s the founder, the church belongs to him.
    2. We always ought to build on his name.
  2. Christ leads the church, Mt 23.8-12.
    1. His leadership unites us, 1Co 1.2, 10.
    2. We ought to obey him, 2Th 1.8.
  3. Christ bought the church, Ac 20.28.
    1. His sacrifice motivates our obedience.
    2. His sacrifice motivates us to take care with the teaching.
  4. Christ sent the church, Mt 28.18-20.
    1. “Therefore:” his order is based on his authority.
    2. His work is making disciples through teaching.