1 Cor 16.14

  1. The purpose of love brings fulfillment. Even menial and unpleasant tasks become meaningful when done in love. The worst job is redeemed by love. Every activity holds the potential as a channel to express love.
  2. The work of love produces usefulness. Nothing is wasted when love is at work. “Every work performed by love is beneficent, it has a brightness in it to enlighten, a balm in it to soothe, a music in it to charm, an aroma in it to please” (D. Thomas).
  3. The force of love creates unity. Love binds everything in life into a coherent whole. It brings oneness to the self and to the community. If God is love, then love embraces all of one’s existence.

This outline was inspired by one by D. Thomas in J.S. Exell’s Biblical Illustrator, on the Bible text above.