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Brazil residents since 1984, Randal and his wife Vicki glorify God by sharing the gospel, loving the family of faith, and encouraging others to grow in dedication to Christ. He sweeps the floor at Forthright Press.

Pull off all the knobs!

An illustration for listening only to the Bible as our authority.

He did, so we must

Cory Collins has a good outline of Hebrews 10, “Because He Did, We Therefore Must.” Here are his main points: What the law could not do, 1-4. What Jesus did, 5-18. What we therefore must do, 19-25.

The death of Christ gives new perspective

2 Cor 5.16-17 “Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.” Eph 4.23 NLT —•— About Christ, Jn 7.24. About others 2 Cor 5.16-17. About family in Christ, Rom 14.15; 1 Cor 8.11. About oneself, Gal 6.3. About serving,… Continue Reading →

Christmas sermon: Beneath the Star

Gary Hampton of Mississippi shared the slides from his Christmas sermon, “Beneath the Star.” He graciously gave us permission to share them with subscribers of SermonLines. Beneath the Star.pptx

Love, the more excellent way

Introduction Love is a big word. It covers a wide range of meanings in our language. By studying what the Bible says about it, we can come to an understanding of what it means in God’s plan for us. The… Continue Reading →

Weird and sad: The world we lived in

My son-in-law is color-blind. So for his birthday, our daughter gave him a pair of Enchroma glasses, made just for color-blind people. They look like ordinary sunglasses, but actually allow a color-blind person to see colors as we see them…. Continue Reading →

Why are you sad?

Luke 24.13-17 When Jesus conquered death? When God works providentially in your life? When God has made forgiveness available to you? —Bobby Cloyd, Keltonburg TN congregation

Israel and Judah’s Fall

They Turned Away in Apostasy: Jeremiah 8:4-5 They Turned Away from God’s Word: Jeremiah 8:9 They Turned to Greed and Gain: Jeremiah 8:10 They Turned to Deceit: Jeremiah 8:10-12 —John Henson, Dibrell Church of Christ, McMinnville, TN

Distinctive people

David: 1 Samuel 17:45-47 Lazarus’ Sister Mary: Mark 14:3-9 The Widow: Mark 12:41-44 You as a Christian: 1 Peter 4:16 John Henson, Dibrell Church of Christ 95 Gills Rd., McMinnville, TN 37110-4456

The distinctiveness of Christianity

Distinctive in its Power: Romans 1:16-17 Distinctive in its Message: Galatians 1:11-12; 2 Peter 1:20-21 Distinctive in its Importance: Matthew 16:26; 1 Timothy 1:15-16 John Henson Dibrell Church of Christ 95 Gills Rd. McMinnville, TN 37110-4456  

The benefits of love

1 Cor 16.14 The purpose of love brings fulfillment. Even menial and unpleasant tasks become meaningful when done in love. The worst job is redeemed by love. Every activity holds the potential as a channel to express love. The work of… Continue Reading →

Baptismal benediction

“In closing his epistle Paul says, ‘The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion (fellowship) of the Holy Spirit, be with you all. Amen.” [2 Cor 13.13] I use this most of the… Continue Reading →

War won by privates

General Eisenhower once rebuked one of his generals for referring to a soldier as “just a private.” He reminded him that the army could function better without its generals than it could without its foot soldiers. “If this war is… Continue Reading →

‘Christian’ means persecution

1 Pet 4.12-19 Introduction This passage is the third and final time that the word “Christian” appears in the New Testament. The first in Acts 11.26 focused on Christians as Christ’s people. The second in Acts 26.28 focused on persuasion for becoming… Continue Reading →

God’s model for the church’s prayers

Content — Jesus gave what we rightly call the “model prayer” Mt 6; Lk 11, as a guide for what should be included in our prayers, as Paul did in 1 Tim 2.1-7; Candidate — We talk about the right… Continue Reading →

Topical sermons are legit

So says Rick Kelley: … context should not be abandoned altogether, and expository preaching/study is an excellent form of communicating the text – perhaps the most excellent form; but remote and immediate context doesn’t always need to be explored deeply… Continue Reading →

Last-minute preparations

A service station attendant was swarmed with last-minute customers on a holiday weekend. He shook his head and said to a preacher who was in the line, “It is funny to me that people always wait until the last minute… Continue Reading →

The coming of the Lord

By John Henson, Dibrell congregation, McMinnville TN John 10:7-11 Jesus came that we might have life: John 10:10. Jesus came that we might have purpose: John 12:23-27. Jesus is coming again to take us home: John 14:1-3

Same is good, when it’s Jesus

This earthly life changes constantly. Many like variety. But in Christ sameness is a wonderful quality. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever! Heb 13.8 Here are four comforting truths that arise from this affirmation: Jesus is… Continue Reading →

What can keep us from God

By John Henson, Dibrell congregation, McMinnville TN Psalm 70:5 Pride keeps us from God (Psalm 10:4; Proverbs 16:18). Possessions can keep us from God (Luke 18:18ff). Arrogance can keep us from God (James 4:13-16). What can bring us closer to… Continue Reading →

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